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On June 1st we Celebrated the 15 year Anniversary of our PaKua HB Studio. We had open classes, Belt Ceremony and Award recognition to those students that have being with us for more than 8 years! It was amazing to see such a nice group of people to come together to celebrate. 

Thank you to all of you that for the last 15 years have supported us in this journey!! And we go for more!

Master Liz's speech:

As many of you know I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started training PaKua when I was 17 years old in Buenos Aires. By that time I was just starting the University majoring in Computer Science.

I never imagined that I was going to be teaching Pa-Kua and less that I was going to dedicate my life to it. I loved the training but I was doing it only for myself (that was, what I told the grand master when he asked me to start teaching). But there I was a Blue belt opening my first PaKua School, teaching and training under Grand master Magliacano, the founder of Pa-Kua. Little by little it became my passion. Grand master moved to California in the nineties, he kept traveling back and forward to Argentina. And by the year 2000 he asked me if I wanted to come to California to teach in one of his schools in Anaheim. And as crazy as it sounds I said yes leaving everything behind. This was an amazing opportunity to be closer and keep training under him. After three years we decided together with Master Jason to open a school here in Huntington Beach, the city where he grew up. We wanted to create a special place where all kind of ages and abilities could train. A safe and positive environment for kids and teenagers to help them to build self-esteem, confidence, strength, awareness, discipline but also kindness, solidarity and respect. And of course a place for adults where through hard work, discipline and sweat they were able to feel better in many different ways.

And here we are today celebrating 15 years of this dream that we turned into a reality. Many amazing memories we build in these 15 years. Many amazing people we trained and became part of this pakua family that we call. Many amazing kids we saw growing up into amazing young adults..including our own. And I’m excited to see the many more Amazing things that the future will bring.

This June too, I celebrate 35 years in Pakua. I can say that teaching is being my passion and life. But as the grand master said: Without student there is not I want to thank all the students for giving me the possibility of passing the knowledge and for being part of my life.

Thank you.






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