Pee-Wee Martial Art Class Time
Tuesday 4:45pm Pee-Wee Martial Art (M.Jason)
Ages 4-7 Years Old

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Pee-Wee Martial Arts 4-7 Years Old

Pee-Wee Martial Arts is taught to kids from age 4 to around 7 years old. Age is a guide but ultimately the decision is based on what's best for the student. Children significantly benefit from the system that is built to suit their needs.The martial arts games, the kicks, punches and techniques as well as the connections with other kids found through Pa-Kua Martial Arts, serve to increase the child's confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. At the same time Pa-Kua Martial Arts teaches the child to respect peers and elders, works on the student's focus and control, and offers the student with the tools required for the full life that lies ahead. This always occurs in a positive atmosphere.

The many benefits of Pa-Kua Martial Arts for Pee-Wee's are clearly noticeable and shown in the child's behavior and interaction with family or friends. The classes for children are conducted in a completely safe and positive atmosphere by Master Jason who makes sure the children develop their skills in safely.

Overall Benefits of Pee-Wee Martial Arts-

Learning about Nutrition and why to eat better
Improved sense of Self-Awareness
Improved Social Skills
Weight loss
Improved flexibility, strength and coordination