Yoga Class Times

Monday 10:00am Yoga (M.Liz)

Tuesday 5:30pm Yoga (M.Amber)

Tuesday 7:30pm Yoga (M.Trager)

Wednesday 10:00am Yoga (M.Liz)

Thursday 5:30pm Yoga (M.Amber) 

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Restorative Yoga / Chinese Yoga

Restorative and strengthening yoga blends the calming, restorative aspects of traditional restorative yoga with elements that aim to build strength, stability, and balance. This style of yoga offers a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being by combining the benefits of relaxation with those of muscle toning and flexibility enhancement.

In a session of restorative and strengthening yoga, you can expect a mix of gentle, supported poses aimed at relaxation, alongside poses that engage and challenge muscles to build strength.

Our Restorative Yoga, is an ancient art derived from the Pa-Kua knowledge. Through movements and breath work, Sintonia teaches the student to harmonize the body & mind.  Our Yoga gives the energy necessary to lead a full and healthy life. It’s a way to study ourselves through stretching, postures, breathing techniques, and cardiovascular exercises.

The student also learns techniques to relieve stress and achieve a sense of calm in the midst of the chaos of everyday life. Through the study of ourselves, we come to understand and synchronize with universe. Once a state of Harmony is achieved, we can easily adapt to any circumstance or environment, overcoming culture shock, language barriers, and regional difference, thus finding harmony anywhere. Sintonia can be described as the harmonic interaction between ourselves and the universe.

Yoga Class Overview:

Meditation and Breathing exercises
Postures Developing Flexibility
Techniques for relieving stress and increasing energy
Postures Improving Strength & Balance
Qi Gong exercises (Breathing with Energy)