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Senior Tai Chi in Huntington Beach

Senior Tai Chi in Huntington Beach

PaKua Huntington Beach has partnered with many different businesses and nonprofit organizations over the last 15 years. One of those organizations that we have been working with since almost the very beginning is Sunrise Senior Living. We have been teaching chair yoga and Senior Tai Chi classes at sunrise Senior Living for the past 14 years in Huntington Beach.

Senior Tai Chi classes at Sunrise Senior Living

When we first started teaching chair yoga and Senior Tai Chi at sunrise Senior Living there were only a few students who had even heard of Tai Chi before. Now 14 years later Master Diana is teaching the PaKua Tai Chi class and we have the most popular weekly class at sunrise Senior Living. One of the students practicing Tai Chi in our class was 104 years old and had a blast in the class!

Benefits of Senior Tai Chi

There have been many medical studies on Tai Chi all over the world. This is not going to be a medical article talking about disease or remedy. The important thing to know is that when you're practicing Tai Chi you're working on your breathing you're managing your stress and trying to harmonize your mind and body. When you do this well and consistently practice you will find balance. Either way if you like to look at the science please feel free to research the hundreds of benefits of practicing Tai Chi. you will be amazed how such a simple low impact exercise can have so many benefits.

Tai Chi Classes

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