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PaKua International Aulas Abiertas

The second weekend of December 2011 the Pa-Kua International League held a historic event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The International Aulas Abiertas this year held an even greater meaning to our Pa-Kua family because it was also an event celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the PaKua International League. From Superior Master Fernando Sandri's moving speech at the beginning of the Aulas Abiertas until the emotional belt Ceremony to close this years Aulas Abiertas it was truly a time to be remembered for the history of our school. The work of all the Masters and students that made this years Aulas Abiertas so wonderful was appreciated by everyone because their work to made sure everything went smoothly throughout the Aulas Abiertas including the wonderful demonstrations, wonderful accessories, classes and great belt ceremony! A special thank you to E.S.R. Master Nicolas Moyano and Superior Master Fernando Sandri for their hard work and dedication in continuing the expansion and improvement of the Pa-Kua International League especially in the past 5 years. They are accomplishing many of "The Masters" hopes and dreams for the school. We thank you!!!

All the memorable classes and exhibitions it's difficult how to find where to start or how to express the experience of the Aulas Abiertas to someone who has never gone. The best way might be to imagine all of the people that love Pa-Kua from all over the world coming together for two days of classes that are taught by the highest ranking masters in the world :)

The Ceremony: There were many new Black Belts that were given as well as a few new Golden Lines! From the United States Master David Clawson received his 6th Degree, Master Michael Matsas received the Golden Line, Master Jason Landau received the Golden Line in hand and Master Burke received his second Degree Black Belt.

Please keep checking back for more photos and videos because there are many photos and videos to still be uploaded!

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