Friday, 16 December 2011 18:43

PaKua Book is now Available

This year at the International Aulas Abiertas the PaKua International League released the first PaKua Book in celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the PaKua International League. This 301 page book is written by Entitled Superior Responsible Master Nicolas Moyano and Superior Master Fernando Sandri in English, Portuguese and Spanish. It has many unreleased photos of the beginning of our school as well as PaKua information and history.

This is a description directly from the PaKua Book: "This is the first book written by the school of PaKua. We have waited 35 years to see it materialize. At this moment we face a great challenge; this is not just a "book". It is three books in one: we choose to divide the content of this book into 3 parts: in the first you will be able to read and learn about the history of the school of PaKua, its beginning and founder. In the second you will be able to study PaKua knowledge and learn what it means to current age society. In the last one we found that the best way to capture the significance of the school of PaKua is by putting together a year book of Masters and orrientators who participated in this book. "

You can now purchase the book at PaKua Huntington Beach for $50.00

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